Happy Memorial Day

One of the problems with using charts is that you can end up seeing
patterns all over the place, even when they are spurious. The patterns I
have suggested on the following two charts could well be false. But the
macro economic situation, the risks of sovereign default, and the
consequential risks of Lehman v.2.0 where the banking system freezes up
again, all suggest that the bearish case has to be considered.

Going loco

Here are some more charts from ibankcoin that Shaza sent in so go to the link below.
Funny that I just mentioned Milton from the Devil's Advocate and he leads
with a picture from that movie.

Monthly Charts From Hell

Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 11:38 am

I was watching a CNBC clip and it was the second time RIG was mentioned as a buy. Look them up as BP is blaming them for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.