How NOT to Trade This Market

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I’ll let you in on a little secret: This market is here to fool you and take your money. Yeah I know, nothing ground breaking there. However, this market continues to fool the majority of participants who continue to play for breakouts and breakdowns. This is NOT a trending market, it is a market caught in a violently oscillating range. Those who insist on swing trading in search of 5-10% momentum moves have been, and will likely continue to be sorely disappointed. Case in point – yesterday’s action in $AMZN:

It takes a little more than a short term trend line break to take money out of this market. One must remember that the HFT algos are designed to trigger stops and cause trend line breaks in order to suck in human money. The HFT algos love mean reversion, this is their market until it isn’t.

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Quarter 3 a Horror Show for Commodities

While the S&P is down low double digits for the quarter, the real damage was elsewhere.  Small caps have been obliterated, as the Russell 2000 is down well over 20%, and commodities have simply been decimated.  Below is the quarterly performance in the group with a few hours to go.  You eeked out some small gains in gold and ...err, rough rice and live cattle.  Otherwise, it's a sea of double digit red.

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