The Death Cross

Last time the S&P produced a Death Cross was back in 2008 when SP dropped to 666...Death Cross is when the 50 DMA moves below the 200 DMA line.

The Golden Cross is just the opposite, which is what you see on the chart below. Then we had that huge run up! NOW, it look like the 200 is getting perilously close forming another Death Cross. These are where the  market has a LOT of price memory.

MA’s are not a system, they are a reading of Mr Market’s psychology. Never trade them alone, but use them as a thermometer for the health of the markets.

The Death Cross has a high rate of accuracy. From 1962-2008 there have been about 25 of which 13 of the past Death Crosses have resulted in declines of about 30%-55% ( Clark)

Keep an eye on the RSI 9 at around 60 into mid July. Stocks that rally into that could be sold. Do your own DD and research, this is just a kickstart for you.