I've been thinking a lot about the markets and I still cannot fathom why they continue to climb other than because there is nowhere else to put your money. Marc Faber says he is buying gold because he doesn't know where else to invest. Who sits down in front of there computer today and says I think I'll buy 1000 shares of IBM or Coca Cola?

Who is buying biotech or technology when biotech is an unproven high risk option and Tech has margins as wide a piece of paper. I look at my paycheck (for which I am grateful) and I think damn, this is what I was making in 1998 and cars now cost 25k and homes sell for 200k. Groceries are double 1998 prices and TV's cost 1000.00. A computer however in 1998 was 2000.00 and now costs 400.00 so who the hell is buying Toshiba and HP. I know it is all the rage to own an Iphone and an Apple computer, but why? It is still just a freaking telephone. Do you remember when there were no cell phones? No digital TV? No microwaves? No Onstar and no computer in my car telling me to turn left. WTF is happening to us?
Is being hooked up to My Space, Face Book and Twitter creating a better life experience? I don't need a broker, a banker or a credit card company. I can do everything online. I pay my bills online, I buy stuff online, I communicate with the world online. At work I send emails to my boss who is 50 feet away from me. 

I communicate with you online. I don't even need any real friends as I have cyberfriends connected via Skype. email and the blogosphere. No commitments, no hassles and when you bore me or I bore you, we just turn off the computer and we are gone.

We live in The Matrix of virtual reality. What do you choose?

The Red pill or the Blue pill

No wonder the psychopaths have taken over the world. They don't need our approval. All they need is our attention to be on meaningless drivel as they steal from us at will. We are the only ones to blame for our own indifference and complacency. We are not baby boomers we are a cybergeneration who will soon be replaced as we are no longer necessary. The war of the machines has already begun. 

The war against the machines