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I am going to have the pleasure of meeting Going Loco in the next week or so. He and his wife are coming to Florida!  GL I hope you like the heat as this is still the hottest time of the year. July, August and September the daily temp is around 92-95F with afternoon thunderstorms. I am so excited to finally meet someone from The Hive.

Also everyone my job is safe. Not forever, as no job is safe forever, but the VP of Operations said (and I trust her implicitly) that there are absolutely no plans to close our facility and to spread the word to staff. No more layoffs either. Woohoo!
Enough about that on to his post. QB

Going Loco. "Several followers of this blog have business interests in the UK so I
offer this view of the currency in case it is of interest. The chart
shows the FOREX view of the GBP:USD pair - it's maybe not the best chart
style in the world but Stockharts offers only currency indeces, not
pairs, and as Shaza explained some months ago the indeces are sometimes

I don't think I have seen many better examples of support turning into
Can't see the GBP going above USD$1.60 for a while yet."

Ten Year Note
30 Year Bond
Yield Curve

It's me again so Mugabe it is you turn next! Chicken Little you might want to heed Shaza's advice. TBT is a good  hedge against your bond funds going down and if I am not mistaken bond funds are not FDIC insured. I am going into the market this morning on some of Steven Place's ideas. Mugabe thanks for the second opinion.