Nigel Farage and Rick Rule on KWN

Nigel Farage: Founding Member of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) & Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for the South East region and is the leader of the parliamentary party in the EU parliament.
The central aim of the party is the UK's withdrawal from the European Union and to regain control of this nation's governance through our own Parliament at Westminster. 
Nigel was a Conservative activist from his schooldays until the overthrow of Margaret Thatcher; John Major's signing of the Maastricht Treaty brought his membership to an end.
He has worked for British, French and American companies operating in the commodity markets, especially the London Metal Exchange (since 1982).

Rick Rule: Founder of Global Resource Investments LP (GRIL) - Rick is known as one of the most “street-smart” people in the natural resource sector and gold world with nearly 40 years of experience. Global is involved in securities brokerage investment management, corporate finance focussed on natural resources and basic industries. Rick / Global Resource Investments LP (GRIL) are also successfully involved in agriculture, alternative energy, conventional energy, forestry, infrastructure, mining and water resources investing on a world wide basis. GRIL manages over a billion and through recent acquisition is now part of the $9 billion Sprott Asset Management

More on Greece from Gonzalo Lira

In it, I argue that the European leadership's dithering is making it more likely that—when Greece defaults—Ireland and Portugal will be in trouble sooner rather than later—which means that Spain will be in trouble sooner rather than later.