QueenBee Rants On!

Things seemed to be much simpler in the past. Now instead of Kings, Queens, Earls, Dukes and Duchesses that we could rise up against. Today we have professional politicians who answer to the highest bidder. Rather than a Monarchy that can toss out the "money changers", we have a "Democracy" that has evolved into a "Plutocracy" whereby the affluent control just about everything and laws are not enforced. The United States was created due partly to taxation without representation. Well we have come full circle. What's worse is that TPTB control weapons of mass destruction far beyond any dreamed of in years 1600-1900. These weapons are no long wielded by brave men in hand to hand combat in the field of battle, but can be controlled thousands of miles away via drones or dropped from a mile above with supposed pinpoint accuracy.

Since 9/11 they have kept us in fear of bogiemen who live in caves half way around the world. How many enemies have we created through the death of collateral damage? How many gangsters in the ghettos hate us for the poverty that they live in?

How many military units do we have stationed around the world needlessly? How many died last month? These men and women have families and they are dying for what? Seems that they been forgotten? Mention them and it is like they have been bestowed an almost godlike status. They protect our freedom from what? We stand in awe of them.

Let's move on to another terrible tragedy that is being buried in the news cycle. What is being done to clean up Fukushima? None of this will you find on the CNN FOX or MSNBC channels. Just talking heads screaming at each other about wedge issues that don't really matter to the average American and divide us against each other.

Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) is preparing to release a revised “road map” today for stabilizing the Fukushima Daiichi site, with an increased emphasis on measures to protect the health of workers in light of new information that some received radiation doses above emergency limits set by the government. The revised plan restricts work hours, creates a system for recording automatically workers’ exposure to radioactivity, increases the number of devices available to check for internal exposures, places more doctors at the site round the clock and creates new rest facilities for workers.http://www.enewspf.com/latest-news/latest-national/24950-nuclear-energy-institute-report-on-japans-nuclear-reactors-june-17-2011.html

What happened to the War on Poverty? I think it was replaced by the War on Drugs? Seems that more people are incarcerated for drug abuse in the US than any country in the world. Although we are certainly not the most impoverished nation in the world, the numbers do not show we are improving.

15 Shocking Poverty Statistics

Now the Greeks, most of Europe and for all intents and purposes the US are broke. The riots haven't started here yet because we are more docile. We are tranquilized by Xanax, Prozac and put to sleep with Ambien. Can't get it up? Well we have a pill for that too. We are kept in check with food stamps and unemployment checks, Medicare and Medicaid. You see the TPTB are simply better at hiding the problem and kicking the can down the road. They are kicking it into a dead end and they know it.

What will become of our lives in the next 20-50 years as the natural resources run out I cannot tell. Will we still be singing The Star Spangled Banner at every sporting event and going to basketball, baseball and football games when we are broke? Cognitive dissonance is a wonderful thing that allows us to be amid a disaster yet not react to it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance

We seem to be living out Orwell's 1984. Our information is controlled by "Newspeak" and we play the stock market knowing full well it is rigged. We buy junk from Asia and exchange our jobs to them as a result for cheaper prices. Walmart has become American's cathedral of choice on Sundays. I am not a religious person, but I would bet more money is poured into Walmart's coffers than all the churches in the US. This is my opinion only and I have no statistics to back this up.

Now I am not down on the market players as I am one of them. Our choices seem to be place our money in bonds, equities, precious metals or get into the options markets. Or, we can start a business for ourselves. The last one I think is the only one that will get us out of this economic mess. Getting a job is nice, but creating jobs and owning a company is what this economy needs. Save your money, be creative and make a business that you understand with a plan that if you fail, you will get back up on that horse again. 

Everyone have a nice weekend and stay out of Walmart just for one weekend. Give the money to the homeless shelter, a food bank, to a poor family down the road or place it in the offering box. Or ignore me as I am just a blogger and what the hell do I know.