HELLOOOOO Volatility

For Traders who are feeling a bit down, this one’s for you!
There are money makers out there on planet stock, nay, even fast risers, if you know where and HOW to find them and exercise discipline.... and if you are not enamoured with a certain asset class.... The stocks I screened below love volatility!

The method I used was from my Vector Vest software that has the following parameters plugged in to it, you just use which ever ones you think suit the climate ( Thanks to Will in Canada by the way for the ETF short ideas) :

I found stocks hitting a new 10 Day high with today's high-low trading range greater than the average high-low trading range over the past 10 days. This means volatility is on the rise with these stocks.
The date is July 1 2010. I did not buy these stocks, I was just searching for best performers in volatility.
Like I say, opportunities abound if you can focus and turn a deaf ear to all the noise!
Chart 1
Chart 2

DAMN! I wish I had bought these stocks! But I have used my time out of the market to put a new strategy together to use in the next ‘panic’, which we all know is a done deal ! Cheer up all...Shaza