A Sense of Frustration is Settling In

The world seem cast adrift in a sea of confusion. Yesterday I commented about my co-workers whose 401k plan that were sliced into 201k are now on the decline again. They never recovered from October 2008 and now they are seeing the same thing happen all over again. I ask them "if you want to give your money away, then give it to me." They laugh, but the joke is on them.

Truly we seem to lack a moral compass in this country and others are not much better. "Greed is good" never went out of vogue. Soon we will see Michael Douglas reprise his role as the abitrage criminal Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street. These people (or as Edgar calls them Maggots) are everywhere. They likely don't live next door to you and I. They isolate themselves in high rise condos and gated communities. They keep to their own and will sooner climb a tree and tell a lie than to stand on the ground and tell the truth. They convince themselves that what they are doing is "God's Work."

We are nothing but "paper" to them. This was how a former insider on Wall Street told me brokers referred to the common people. They are nothing more than psychopaths and shake down artists. The link below is to the trailer "Money Never Sleeps" the sequel to Wall Street.

They come with prestigious names and work in luxurious ivory towers. They ride in limo's and fly in private jets. They look down on us with contempt as they know that most of us do not understand how the game is played and that is the way they want to keep it.
George Carlin says it best in his video below that I have used many times. George RIP.

So now that the owners have just about everything they will have to plunder the rest of the world. Wars? We love war. Iran can you hear us coming? They are coming for your oil and they are going to get it. The real bad guys of the world? You know who they are and it isn't this guy.

Don't get me wrong if he is still alive, he was one evil dude and I will never forgive him for what he did, but he is a pawn with a one track mind. A moronic naivety that he was bringing about his idea of heaven on earth.

However, he is not who we need to be afraid of. It is the guys pictured below and their ilk. It is the frat boys from Yale and Harvard business school who never grew up. They lack compassion and a conscience.
As we go through our mundane lives working hard and paying taxes these people are the ones who pull the strings of this man. How is it that a tax cheat was appointed as the Secretary of the Treasury is beyond imagination.
Remember why the American people voted for him? "Change you can believe in" was his slogun. Has anyone seen any change? I've seen plenty of change, but none of it for the better.

So being the good Americans that we are, we carry on. We remain obedient and grateful for the crumbs that fall from the table, but let's keep our eye on the ball. 

Do what you can to wrestle yourself from their grip. Don't take on any debt and they will not own you. Don't put your money in the Too Big To Fails banks as that is the only way we can affect them. Maybe grow something that you can eat.

Never forget who the real bad guys are and don't be fooled like so many on this planet are. Those in power only have their self interest at heart. Don't forget what George said about the "American Dream."
"They call it the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it." Queenbee signing off.