Typical Bounce? Thank you Shaza

The average stock in the Russell 1,000 is up 4.67% since the current correction low was made last Friday.  We broke the index into deciles (10 groups of 100 stocks) to see how a stock's performance during the correction has impacted performance during this 3-day bounce.  As shown below, the 100 stocks that held up the best during the correction (4/23-7/2) are up the least of any decile over the last 3 days.  The 100 stocks that went down the most during the correction have bounced the most during this rally (average gain of 6.6%).  As you move from the best decile during the correction to the worst, performance during the rally gets better.  So investors have this week been buying up names that have been hit the hardest in recent months, which is usually the case when we see bounces like this.
Below is a table of the best performing Russell 1,000 stocks since the correction low was made last Friday.  As shown, Central European Distribution Corp (CEDC) is up the most with a gain of 17.81%, followed closely by Atlas Energy (ATLS) with a gain of 17.16%.  Abercrombie (ANF) ranks third at +16.46%.  All three of these stocks were down more than 30% from 4/23/ to 7/2.  NetFlix (NFLX), which was actually up 7.37% from the 4/23 high to the 7/2 market low, is up the fourth most of any Russell 1,000 stock this week with a gain of 14.4%.