The weekly Technicals look very good for TGLDX. Price has popped above the 30 week MA.   I am looking for a slight pull back to / below the 30 and for it to take off again.  You can see that the 20 years US Government Bond fund represented by the solid grey line has been severely outpaced by Gold and gold stocks represented in this fund.   Add the Technicals with the policy fundamentals of Central Bankers and this fund is set to take off again. Gold and silver price are speaking for themselves today. Shaza

TGLDX has acted as a very good store of wealth.  Compare the fund with the etf UUP or the US Dollar. Now, et’s ask the age old question:

What is MONEY?
Money is defined as follows, and all three must be present not just one or two for the definition to be met:
·        It must have a unit of account
·        It must acts as store of wealth
·        It can be exchanged for goods and services
Looks like USD meets tow criteria and Gold and gold in the ground meet all three