Faux Markets Fryday- Market Rallied On Inflation and Faux EU Band Aid Bailout, Savvy Investors Not Fooled; Monopoly Game is Almost Over; TBTF Banks Rotate Money From Left to Right; Dr. Deficit Makes a Joke While More Americans Suffer; SA Nations Mock the U.S. for Monetary Policy; IEA Halts SPR Release, Catch on to Scam; Fukushima, Still Leaking Radiation; Much More

Want to know why gold is skyrocketing if everything is supposed to be so great? Remember, as we reported yesterday, the MSM want you to believe that the EFSF/EU/ECB and the Greek bailout miraculously saved the whole global economy from collapsing. Despite all of the drama, the EU (namely Germany and France) came together in  perfect peace and harmony and proposed an agreement that would make everyone happy. Happy days are here again.


The "economy" continues to be flooded with fiat money and that ends up "trickling down" (you remember, the "trickle down Obamanomics" that is making you feel so rich these days) to you in the form of inflation. We won't beat a dead horse, but just go shopping for basics and fill up your car and let us know if this inflation is "transitory." Right, Dr. Deficit?

The Game.
Remember when you were a child (or last year) and you and your friends got together to play the classic board game, Monopoly? Do you remember that almost always, the guy who was the "banker" in charge of your money, won the game. No matter how many times he landed on your hotel properties (which you somehow mortgaged to him at the end to pay your bills) he always won? Well, how could this be? Proximity to the coffers had nothing to do with it. Riiight.

In an ironic (and depressing) sense, that is what our world has become. The game is called "Monopoly" for obvious reasons, and it's designed so that one person will always eventually win. The game can go on for a long, long time but ultimately, one person wins and then the game is over.

The real monopoly game is now almost over. We already know who "won" so why play any more? Because you love your iPad, silly!

If you needed more proof that the end of this game is almost over, just look at the price of gold (and silver). The higher they go, the closer the end of this Monopoly game is. And those banks which borrowed TARP funds and then paid them back, all of a sudden have been found to simply take money from their left pocket and put it in their right pocket by borrowing directly from the Fed. First good article in a long time to come from Yahoo finance. With all of the drama about debt ceiling this and Greek contagion that, could they (the U.S. and EU) be working to coordinate a strategic default, at the same time?

Today, we see an excellent article from Bloomberg's Anna Jackson that spells it out in simple terms. The latest data suggests most consumers are increasing their credit card purchases just to get by as inflation hits them harder and harder. And how does Dr. Deficit reply to this? He says, "The anticipated pickups in economic activity and job creation, together with the expected easing of price pressures, should bolster real household income, confidence, and spending." Really? You can't make this stuff up.

You know the U.S. economic policy is screwed royally when it's getting harsh words from South American nations who are experts in defaulting and a poor gov't structures. My oh my. How the tables have turned.

Which is why gold and silver still shine. Since the global economy runs on oil quite literally, it goes without saying that the higher the price of oil, the higher the cost of nearly everything else and in turn the slower the general economy. Very simply economics 101 here. With that said, we're looking at $100 oil once again (after the totally failed Obama SPR release) which would equate to about $4.00 gasoline by August. With that said, we're interested to find out more about the IEA calling for a halt of SPR oil releases. Did they catch on to the fact that the TBTF&TCTS banks (namely, JP Morgue) are now speculating with your tax money on commodities which in turn raise the price of oil higher, which in turn put more pressure on the IEA to release more oil from the SPR to try and lower the price of oil which in turn gets bought up by the TBTF&TCTS banks (namely, JP Morgue) and on and on and on and on - whoa! Our heads are spinning. Then again, none of us have a poison Ivy League PhD so maybe we don't understand economics 101 like the good Doctor.

On that thought, we'll leave you with some depressing news from Fukushima. First we learn that power to the cooling pumps at reactor 3 were shutdown and TEPCO assures us that no "major" radiation increases were found. Well, that all depends on your definition of "major." We know that could mean a whole Chernobyl was released and it still would be healthy safe according to TEPCO and the Japanese gov't.

We find it interesting that TIME.com is running an article on the cover ups of Fukushima. Although Fukushima is "out of sight, out of mind" for the majority of MSM, it doesn't mean that some individuals are not paying attention to this ongoing epic catastrophe. Since March 11th, the situation has escalated. So much so that more and more radioactive materials are being discovered in Philly, PA sewage water. Of course, officials claim that sudden and sharp rise in radiation is from "cancer patient's urine." Riiiight. Just like radiation is healthy for you.

Finally, we want to thank all of our readers for your support. We have finally reached 100 posts and 140k page views in just over 4 months time and we hope to be around for another 100k posts. Then again, the banksters control "The Bank" and they own Boardwalk, Park Place, all of the Rail Roads, Pennsylvania Avenue, the utilities and even somehow they managed to take over the Community Chests. Time to get a beer and call it a night.

The huge bomb that rocked Oslo today should be bullish for the economy.

It all makes sense now that Business Insider has confirmed what we suspected. 1 in 66 Americans are psychotic. And that works out to be roughly 5 million very sick Americans. We know of at least one who holds the top position at the U.S. Federal Reserve and a PhD. The other 4,999,999 all are on the same payroll. It makes sense. Now, who wants the the "Iron" or the "Thimble"?