BHP Charts

These were sent in by Shaza

Two charts to study: BHP: BHP Billiton

Here are two charts of BHP. The chart with Long and Short timing can also be read as Buy and Sell. They are based on average true range and taken from Charles Kirk's Charts as for as the parameters on the ATR. As you can see BHP has not given a Buy ( Long) signal yet, but is turning up.

The second chart which shows price compared to S&P ( yellow Line) shows that BHP has outperformed the market of late. The indicators below the chart show decent technicals and that money is coming back in to BHP.

The Blue VWAP line shows that price is moving up nicely. With GS saying commodities are a buy, BHP should do well as the largest diversified mining company on the planet with good fundamentals as well. Keep in mind that the size f BHP means that price will move slowly. The 50 day historic volatility is 22...the S&P is about 9 so BHP will not move fast. APPLE is 17 and Biotechs are about 40 on average.  HV of 100 + is crazy!

1 year 18%
3 year 3.3%
5 years 11%
10 years 18.9%

Shaza I am just going to post the links about SLV. The readers can look at John Lee's analysis on Stock Twits.
Final Hour $SLV Trade – The MA “Tipping Point” + Descending Wedge | Charts Gone Wild

While this chart dates waaaaay back to May 26 ( forever in day trading) it provides a great lesson in chart reading, enjoy and learn! JL is fantastic! He is  brave and extremely disciplined and all executions are planned. 

And as an encore "A Lesson on Silver, Stability, and the Sigma Bands" From "Afraid to Trade Blog"

Many investors were taken sharply by surprise initially by the stellar run-up in Silver prices, and then perhaps more so by the dramatic collapse in prices after the period of euphoria and instability.
But how do you define “instability” and “euphoria” objectively?
Let’s learn a lesson from Silver’s Sigma (Standard Deviation) Bands and see what they had to say about the stable rise that morphed into a multi-day unstable rise ahead of the violent collapse.