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Boeing get its largest order ever in its 94 year history! Raise your hand if you know anything about Indonesia...

THe Boeing order in Indonesia is important because Indonesia is another sleeping giant. With a population of 239,870,940 it is HUGE and it is the world's largest Muslim population.
As a pilot and airline owner friend of mine said: " Watch Asia boom. We ain't seen nothing yet! Indonesia is another sleeping giant who is awakening..."  Shaza 

Lion who? What record Boeing-Indonesia deal means

Hong Kong (CNN) -- The largest single aviation purchase in Boeing's 94-year history was pulled off today by Lion Air.

Lion who?

If you have never heard of Lion Air, you're not alone. Unless you speak Bahasa Indonesia and have traveled around the vast array of islands that make up the world's most populous Muslim nation, there is no reason why you should have.

With U.S. President Barack Obama watching on the sidelines of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) economic summit in Bali, Lion Air signed a deal for 230 Boeing planes totaling $21.7 billion, with the first delivery in 2017 -- part of the airline's plan to buy 408 new planes at $37.7 billion, Lion Air CEO Rusdy Kirana told CNN.

"From east to west, Indonesia spans 5,000 miles and we have 230 million (people) and not enough aircraft to meet the growth of the number of passengers," Kirana said.