Spanish 10-Year Bond Yield Hits Euro-Era Record 6.61%, 2-Year Yield Hits 5.53%; Italian 2-Year Yield Hits 6.54%, 10-Year Yield at 7.04%

Yields on Italian and Spanish bonds are up once again, ahead of critical auctions for both countries.

Italy 2-Year Government Bonds

Spain 2-Year Government Bonds

Spain 10-Year Government Bonds

Yield on the 10-Year Italian bond held above 7% up 3 basis points to 7.04%.

Expect the ECB to step in once again if things get much worse.

Note: I was able to get this format back on Bloomberg charts by deleting cookies and clearing cache. One other person experienced the problem I complained about in regards to an interactive map format and I tried his solution. It worked.

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